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    ભેગા થવું એ શરૂઆત છે,
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    ભેગા મળીને કામ કરવું તે સફળતા છે. . .

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United Brahm Samaj

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Audichya Gadhiya Brahmin, Gotra: Kaushik

I am kind, lovable, funny and human being nature. My hobbies is eating out, chatting wid frnds, music, learning something new, roaming at diff places and many more. I am national badminton player. I am gujarat state badminton champion of my category. I am searching a girl who is having family value, consider my parents as her and vice versa i'll also do the same. Caring, kind and trustful are other words i want to see in the Girl. I wanna be lifelong friend of her and wanna be with every ups and

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