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    ભેગા થવું એ શરૂઆત છે,
    ભેગા રેહવું એ પ્રગતિ છે પરંતુ
    ભેગા મળીને કામ કરવું તે સફળતા છે. . .

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United Brahm Samaj

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Gour Brahmin, Gotra: Kaushik

He is working with reputed MNC as Area Maneger & doing very well in his professional life. His education is MBA & B.Sc. He is sensible,mature & caring person. He takes on his responsibility very well. He loves travelling & listening to music in his leisure time.
We are simple & well educated Brahman family with liberal values. We are basically from Delhi & settled in Ahmedabad for last40 years.

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Admission for Nursing Cou...

Admission for Nursing Courseब्राह्मिण के लिये फ्री नर्शीग कोर्ष., B.Sc. नर्शिंग कोर्ष 4 साल G.N.M. – 3 साल और 6 मास A.N.M. – 2 साल ब्रह्म शक्ति के भावनगर प्रमुख श्री ब्रीजेषभाई पंड्या ने ब्राह्मिण भाईऔ और बहनो के लिये फ्री (मुफ़्त) मे भावनगर,राजकोट, जामनगर नर्शिंग कोर्ष करवा करे हे जो भी कोर्ष …

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