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“Great indeed are the devas who have sprung out of Brahman.” - Atharva Veda

Welcome to eBrahmins. It give us great pleasure to welcome you to the eBrahmins.

This is a little initiative from our side for Brahmin community so no matter where you are in the world, this website provides you the greatest benefit of being in touch with our Brahmin Family and thereby strengthen Samast Brahmin Samaj.

Its your Family , Belong to it . . .



Ujjwal Sontakke : Brahmin, Bhargav Gotra, Looking for a Bride   09-04-2014
Ujjwal SontakkeName Ujjwal Prakash Sontakke Age 31 yrs Date of birth 13/1/1982 Time of birth 03.45 PM Height 5′ 8″ Blood group O + Qualification B.A., LL.B., D.B.M.,D.I.M.,GDC&A, M.B.A.(B &F), JAIIB, Occupation The Khamgaon Urben Co-Op Bank, Khamgaon Caste Hindu Brahmin Subcast Gotra Bhargav Family background : Father’s Name Mr Prakash …
Anchita Sharma : Brahmin, Parashar Gotra, Looking for a Groom   08-04-2014
Anchita Sharma 1Name Anchita Sharma Age 23 yrs Date of birth 28/03/1990 Time of birth 08.21 AM Birthplace Burhanpur (M.P.) Height 5′ 6″ Qualification M.B.A. (HR & Finance), B.Com (Plain) Occupation Lecturer in Private College Salary 2.16L PA Caste Hindu Brahmin Subcast Gotra Parashar Family background : Father’s Name Mr Radheshyam Sharma …
Rajdeep Raval : Audichya Sahastra Brahmin, Gautam Gotra, Looking for a Bride   02-04-2014
Rajdeep RavalName Rajdeep Raval Age 38 yrs Date of birth 16/07/1975 Time of birth 02.24 PM Birthplace Ahmedabad Height 5′ 11″ Weight 68 kg Marital Status Divorcee Complexion Medium Fair Hobbies Music Listening, Dancing, Yoga, Reading, Like Creative person, Nature lover Education B.com, PGDBM, PGDYS Occupation Presently working in Education Industry …
Vishal Pathak : Shri Gaud Brahmin, Kauding Gotra, Looking for a Bride   01-04-2014
Vishal PathakName Vishal N Pathak Age 29 yrs Date of birth 30/05/1984 Time of birth 06.25 AM Birthplace Nadiad Height 5′ 8″ Weight 65 kg Hobbies Cricket, listening music, watching movie and travelling Education M.Sc (Physics), M.PHIL, Ph.D pursuing. Occupation Working as a Junior Research Fellowship in ISRO (SAC), Ahmadabad Salary …

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